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The Earth Community Garden is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization whose goals are to;

  • Provide & maintain sustainable-organic community gardens.
  • To preserve green space/open spaces.
  • Educate the public by raising awareness about; the environment, sustainability, xeriscaping, organic gardening & land cultivation by encouraging community involvement.
  • To create a stronger community by providing healthy pantry food, at our Community Pantry, for no cost to those in need of nutritional assistance.
  • Raise funds for sustainable-organic community gardens and garden events.
We decided to call it the Earth Community GARDEN, not GardenS, because we all live in one big garden. The word "gardens" seems to divide rather than unite. Each of us live on this big garden called Earth and we must all do our part to make sure our portion of the garden is taken care of. Whether it is; your own yard, the area outside your apartment, your business or the future site of one of these, we should all feel the need to beautify our surroundings in a responsible and sustainable way.

We are an Official Non-Profit Corporation. We are a 501(c)(3). This means that any contributions made to the Earth Community Garden (E.C.G.) can be tax-deductible.

E.C.G. sustains our organization by the donated services & funds offered by the community. We have many civic services that we provide to our community including; fruit picking, gardeners' markets, and educational classes. We seek to work closely with other cities and organization to create similar groups within their communities. E.C.G. loves to give ideas and support to such groups, wherever they may be.

Continually check the website for the latest updates. We have gardeners that constantly post new recipes, photos and tips on how to make your garden the "best on the block." We have our PLOT INFO link that has information on the cost of individual plots and plot availability. We will keep you updated on ECG's progress with the city, and in the community, in our NEWS link. Also, there are gardening classes, "pick days," garden gatherings and different ECG events that will be posted in the EVENTS link.

E-mail us at any time by "clicking" on the icon located in the top right corner of the text portion on every page or "Click" HERE to fill out a Question/Contact Form. Feel free to call/text us at 1-(801)-930-0675